About the hospital

SALEH BABAKER CHARITY HOSPITAL is one of the most important and distinguished private hospitals of a charitable nature in Yemen, it has been dedicated to provide the best advanced medical services to patients since its establishment in 1999 in Wadi Al-Ain and Hoora District in Hadhramaut Governorate.

The Hospital is recognized as one of Yemen’s top charitable hospitals for its affordable medical services and charitable projects, particularly the medical camps project, which involves many quality surgeries; ENT, ophthalmic, cosmetic, and urology.

The hospital provides permanent services to patients in; internal medicine, cardiology, children, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and dentistry, as well as the diagnostic unit that includes ultra sound imaging clinic ,  X-rays, , ECG and the laboratory. The hospital also provides general emergency services, emergency obstetric, pharmaceutical and 24-hour referral system.

The hospital is equipped with the latest medical devices that comply with international standards and qualified medical stuffs with extensive scientific and practical experience in medical competencies.

Our Objectives

  1. Provide permanent clinics with integration that meets all the needs of the area and neighboring as well.
  2. Ready to receive emergencies and provide all necessary in accordance with the quality standards of the Ministry of Health.
  3. provide efficient nursing care to the patient and reduce the patient’s suffering.
  4. Complete readiness of equipment, tools and technical staff to receive cases, specific, routine and emergency operations.
  5. Sustainability of specialized medical camps to reduce people’s suffering and requests for treatment abroad.
  6. Continue to provide primary health care services to the community.
  7. The reference at the level of the western directorates of Wadi and desert in providing diagnostic services with the latest devices and equipment.
  8. 24-hour medical coverage and supplies for hospital attendees.
  9. Upgrade the level of administrative, financial and logistical work in accordance with the latest approved systems.
  10. Effective relationships and partnerships with relevant authorities, distinguished persons and state offices.
  11. Enhance the hospital’s mental image and highlight activities in platforms and media locally and internationally.
  12. Start applying the quality standards of services provided and infection control procedures.
  13. Follow up on achieving the hospital’s strategy 2023-2027.
Our Mission

Providing the best medical services in a distinguished charitable and humanitarian nature, in accordance with the latest approved health systems, to improve community health and reduce requests for treatment abroad.

Our Vision

Leadership in providing integrated health care with a distinct charitable and humanitarian nature.